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Understand how clients digitally interact with your products and services, and find the best ways to increase customer acquisition, cross-sell, and self-service—all while ensuring that data privacy and security is never compromised.

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We can support your business initiatives

Boost Your CX program

Connect customer feedback to user friction and instantly aggregate the impact across all customers.

Improve Mobile Banking CX

Need better mobile analytics and session replay? Get 100% of app traffic that's highly performant and secure.

Reduce Call Center Costs

Optimize self-service flows faster and engage struggling customers in real time.

Aspiration quantifies and prioritizes digital opportunities

This socially responsible digital bank uses Quantum Metric to identify friction points—whether it’s in an application, deposit money, or pay bill funnel—and quantify how many customers are having the same problem. With this insight, Aspiration Bank’s product team can “sort and attack those in an economically rational way.”

Built to protect your customers’ data privacy

We’re focused on protecting your customers’ data. From data capture, data in flight, and data at rest—sensitive customer data is either never captured or always encrypted. Learn more on our Security page.

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Use Quantum Metric to answer business questions such as

  • How can we be more proactive and learn about customer friction before our call center is flooded?
  • Did that new release have a positive or negative impact on the customer experience?
  • What’s causing customers to fall out of our new application flow?
  • Why did the A variant perform better than the B variant in this experiment?
  • What user friction caused this customer to call in?
  • How many other customers were impacted by the same issue and how much did it impact our business?


Quantum Metric works with Financial Services to:

Discover customer friction

Rapidly identify and prioritize customer friction in your online and mobile banking experiences

Increase digital acquisition

Optimize acquisition flows for new account growth and upsell

Improve call center outcomes

Deflect calls, help clients in real-time, and diagnose issues faster when clients do call

Accelerate the value of your digital investments

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